Teacher’s Guide to Understanding Mental Health

An illustration of three people leaning towards one another. The woman on the left has bright orange hair and freckles, and she is wearing a light pink shirt. The man in the middle has wavy, dark hair and he is wearing circular glasses. The woman on the right has very long, straight, black hair. There are two buns in her hair with red ribbons. She is wearing a turquoise sweater, and she is holding up a peace sign.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when opening up about mental health in the classroom. Oftentimes, we have to counter vast social stigmas that surround the discussion of mental health before we can even get to finding solutions for students. With this in mind, here is an assortment of resources aimed at providing you an overview of different mental health issues and how they could manifest in your students’ behaviors.

What Are the Kinds of Depression?

A resource on the different types of depression and how they manifest in young people

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School Anxiety in Children

A resource that focuses on different types and symptoms of anxiety for children

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Teacher's Guide to ADHD in the Classroom

A resource on understanding ADHD and how it can affect young students

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Teacher's Guide to OCD

A resource that identifies common obsessions and behaviors associated with childhood OCD

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A Teacher's Guide to Selective Mutism

A resource on understanding and identifying selective mutism, a type of anxiety disorder

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How Trauma Affects Kids in School

A resource on how trauma manifests for young people in the classroom

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

A video that defines how ACES can impact health and learning for students

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