Understanding you child’s mental health

A cartoon drawing of a student offering support to her friend

One of the hardest responsibilities as a parent is identifying when a child’s poor behavior should be considered concerning. These resources will provide you with symptoms that suggest a child may be struggling, as well as different methods for building up your child’s mental health.

Parent Test: Your Child’s Mental Health

A quiz that will help you reflect upon your child’s mental health symptoms

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Types of Mental Health Problems

A resource with detailed explanations of common mental health conditions

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What Every Child Needs for Good Mental Health

A resource that lists the basic necessities for a child to achieve good physical and mental health

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Prevention and Early Intervention in Mental Health

A resource explaining methods for preventing mental health crises for children of different ages

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Recognizing Mental Health Problems in Children

A guide to identifying symptoms of poor mental health

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A Harvard article that explains the keys to helping a child develop resilience during adversity

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