Privilege and Allyship

An illustration of two women talking while holding coffee. The woman on the left has long, dark hair and a green sweater. She is also wearing a cross neckless. The woman on the right has a bright blue shirt and is wearing a dark blue hijab.

Privilege and allyship are both difficult concepts that are often misunderstood. These resources aim to provide you with clear, concise descriptions of these terms, both of which are key in helping us understand and support one another.


Understanding Race and Privilege

An article containing an explanation of privilege and its role in schools, self-reflection questions about biases, and suggestions for talking to others about privilege

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What is White Privilege, Really?

An article explaining white privilege and systematic racism, and their effect on society

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5 Tips For Being an Ally

A video that provides tips for being an ally in a non-preachy manner

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Guide to Allyship

A guide of the do’s and don’ts of allyship

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Teaching 6-Year-Olds About Privilege and Power

A teacher’s experience with having tough conversations with his young students about biases and privilege

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Talking About Race and Privilege: Lesson Plan for Middle and High School Students

A list of activities, definitions, and reflective questions to help teachers explain privilege and bias to older students

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