Understanding your mental health

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The daily pressures of your life can add up and you might not know where to start when you need help. These resources will give you warning symptoms that suggest you or a friend may be struggling, as well as different methods for supporting your own mental health.

Youth Mental Health Test

A quiz for students 11-17 to determine if you are having emotional, attentional, or behavioral difficulties

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We All Have Mental Health Video

A video providing an excellent explanation of how mental health can impact middle school aged students and gives some practical advice.

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Teen Mental Health Video

A video explaining important statistics about teen mental health and how common mental health concerns are. Anxiety and Depression are common within teens are are treatable.

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How to Talk About Mental Health

A step by step guide on how to openly and effectively talk about mental health. This video covers everything from where to start, who to go to to get help, to how to prepare for talking about your mental health with others.

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What is Anxiety? A Guide to Anxiety for Kids

Anxiety is one of the most common, and treatable, mental health concerns among kids and teen. We all feel anxious every now and then but when we start to feel anxious about everyday things, it becomes a concern. This video offers an explanation of our body’s reaction to feeling anxious and how to recognize our feelings.

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Teen Mental Health Website

This website includes extensive infromation for both teens and parents regarding teen mental health.

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What is Depression?

Depression is a common mental health concern among teens. It can impact your self esteem, how you interact with others, and your ability to complete tasks. This video offers an explanation of common feelings associated with depression. Talking to a trusted adult is a great step towards getting help.

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Stress in School: What Kids Need to Know

A resource with common stressors for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

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