Managing your mental health

A cartoon drawing of a girl giving herself a hug

Talking about mental health can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be embarrassing or shameful. These resources give you tips on how to open up about difficult topics to get the help you need.

Tips for Talking About Your Mental Health

Tips for having in-depth discussions about your mental health. These conversations generally range from 30 minutes to one hour

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Tips for Talking to Your Friends About Your Mental Health

Guidelines for having discussions with your friends to make difficult conversations more manageable

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How to Talk About Mental Health Video

A step by step guide on how to openly and effectively talk about mental health. This video covers everything from where to start, who to go to to get help, to how to prepare for talking about your mental health with others.

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How to Cope with Test Anxiety for Kids

This video offers an explanation of what test anxiety is and common feelings associated with it, as well as five tips to help you manage test anxiety.

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Taking Care of Yourself

This worksheet focuses on awareness, balance, and connection with a checklist of self-care strategies to practice

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Coping Strategies and Interventions

This website offers a wide range of relaxation and intervention strategies to use to help manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Coping After an Emergency

This resource focuses on preparedness by planning support for your mental health during and after an emergency

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