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Seeking professional help for your child is one of the bravest actions you can take as a parent. It can be stressful to entrust a part of your child’s mental well-being to someone else. These resources will help you make sure that you find the perfect mental health care professional for your child’s situation.

SAMHSA’s National Helpline

The national helpline for mental health crises

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Kids in Crisis Helpline

A 24-hour helpline to discuss anything related to the mental well-being of a child

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SAMHSA’s Treatment Facility Finder

A search bar for mental health care facilities in your area

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Find a Therapist Near You

A search bar for therapists and psychologists in your area

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Therapy to Improve Children’s Mental Health

An explanation of the different types of mental health care providers and their roles

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Destigmatize Seeking Help for Your Kid as A Parent

An article explaining the wrongful stigma behind seeking professional help for children struggling with mental health

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Finding Mental Health Care for Your Child

Advice on finding the right mental health care professional for your child

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