In-Classroom Lessons & Resources

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While it is crucial that you, as an educator, can speak openly about mental health in the classroom, it is also important that your students are equipped with the tools and knowledge to navigate their own feelings. Here you will find an assortment of lesson plans and resources designed to actively teach students about mental health at an appropriate level for their understanding.

CASEL: Advancing Social and Emotional Learning

HPS Social-Emotional Scales 2022-2023

A document outlining an overview of social-emotional benchmarks for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8

HPS Social-Emotional Scales

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Overview 2022-2023

An infographic showcasing the 5 major competencies of SEL and goals for 2022-2023

HPS Social Emotional Skills_22-23 Overview

Social Emotional Sample Unit and Lesson Plans

A document with sample units and lessons with targets, scales, and resources for instruction

SE sample unit and lesson plans (22-23)

Community Meeting Sample Lesson

A presentation demonstrating the Conscious Discipline model with SEL skill instruction

Community meeting sample (Conscious Discipline model with SEL skill instruction)

Social Emotional Resource for Goal-setting Conferences

A document for facilitating discussion of behavior during goal-setting conferences with families

Social Emotional Resource for goal-setting conferences

Elementary Resources

Self-Awareness Sample Lesson (K)

A presentation centered around understanding emotions and stress for kindergarten students

Self-Awareness Sample K lesson

Self-Awareness Sample Lesson (K-1)

A presentation for learning emotions through interactive activities for lower elementary students.

Self-Awareness Sample K-1 lesson

Emotional Development | Sesame Street (Pre-K/K)

A collection of videos and interactives about emotions for pre-K and kindergarten students

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Zones of Regulation Sample Lesson (K-5)

A presentation explaining the uses of “zones” as a self-regulation tool for elementary students

Zones of Regulation

Junior High Resources

Self-Awareness Sample Lesson (6-8)

A presentation for understanding and talking about emotions and stress for grades 6-8.

Self-Awareness_Grades 6-8 sample slides

Walk in Our Shoes (Grades 4-8)

A teacher’s facilitation guide with lessons aimed at teaching grades 4-8 about mental illness

Facilitation Guide

High School Resources

Mental Health Literacy Lessons (Grades 9-12)

A collection of lessons designed to enhance mental health literacy for high school students.

Grades 9-12 Mental Health Literacy Instructional Units

Toolkit to Use with Students

Understanding Emotions

A document that helps students learn how to identify different types of emotions and how to distinguish our thoughts from our feelings.

Understanding Emotions (PDF)

Thoughts Feelings Behaviors

A simple worksheet on how to reframe thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Thoughts Feelings Behaviors Guide

Thoughts Feelings Behaviors Practice

5 Steps to Self-Regulation

Use these icons to help guide students through the five-step self-regulation process.

Self Regulation Icons (PDF)

Feelings Wheel

A color wheel of different emotions to help pinpoint specific feelings.

Feelings Wheel (PDF)

CBT Thinking Error

A document focused on techniques to shift  unhealthy, reactive thoughts into healthy perspectives.

CBT Thinking Errors (PDF)

CBT for Kids

A guide and practice sheets to help children solve problems through understanding the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and actions.

CBT For Kids Worksheet (PDF)

A.N.T.s Buddies

This document helps students identify different kinds of automatic negative thoughts (A.N.T.s) and how they can catch and question them.

A.N.T Buddies


A collection of practice sheets to learn how to take responsibility for our actions, express our feelings, and practice assertive communication skills.

I-Statements Worksheet

I-Statements Steps Model

I-Statements Practice Sheet

Further Resources

Michigan Model for Health

A wide range of resources, lesson plans, and curriculum for teaching about mental health

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Mental and Emotional Health | PBS LearningMedia

A collection of videos for young people centered around personal, mental, and emotional health

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Coping Skills Checklist

A worksheet of different coping skills to aid with calming your students

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Learning to Control Impulsive Behavior

A document outlining a sample teaching routine for helping students control impulsive behavior

Sample teaching routine – Learning to control impulsive behavior